Bahrain MonoRail

Bahrain is the fastest growing economy in the Arab world.
Since Bahrain was recently ranked in 5th place as one of the best locations to live, it might be considered a great place to live and work.


Due to the ever growing traffic flow in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Government in Bahrain has approved a monorail train network to smoothen the traffic flow. The Cabinet unveiled several ambitious plans to enhance public transportation through introduction of Monorail Metro.
The scheme has been approved by the Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and the Works Ministry has already been commissioned to conduct an extensive feasibility study for the first phase of the project.


The idea of the monorail should be adding value to public transportation, it will therefore feature carriages of various capacities. This initiative is aimed to resolve the congestion on the roads of Bahrain, and avoid ever growing traffic challenges.
The monorail network is the combined effort of a consortium of two world-renowned firms. The plight and character of traffic network in Bahrain has been thoroughly studied by the groups, resulting in a series of alternatives and options.


One of the options suggested is the introduction of modern passenger transportation technologies to alleviate traffic woes in Bahrain. This planned to adopt technology planned has already proved to be successful in other countries facing similar traffic challenges.


The three-stage plan is likely to be complete by 2030.

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