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There are many important details that are necessary for leasing property in Bahrain. It is in your best interest to understand any contractual responsibilities and guidelines before you sign a leasing agreement.

This FAQ section will cover the most frequently asked questions about leasing property.

1. What is required to secure a property that I am considering leasing?

Landlords will allow potential tenants to hold a property if they are willing to put down a security deposit. This deposit is given to confirm their intent to rent, which means a landlord does not have to give it back if the person changes their mind about renting the unit.

2. Is the security deposit refundable?

A security deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement if the tenant has upheld all of the terms and conditions that were specified in the tenancy contract.

3. How long is a standard tenancy contract?

Most tenancy contacts are agreed upon for one full year, although some higher-end properties may require a two-year commitment.

4. Will my lease be automatically renewed?

It will depend on the tenancy contracts, but most agreements specify that a renewal needs to be agreed upon by both parties before the existing lease expires.

5. Who is responsible for maintaining the rental property?

Unless the property is fully serviced, the norm is that regular cleaning and care is the responsibility of the tenant, but the landlord is usually required to handle any maintenance for the property. Maintenance issues should be brought to the landlord or property manager’s attention as quickly as possible.

6. Are tenants allowed to alter the structure of a rental unit?

No structural or permanent changes would normally be made to the property unless the changes are approved by the landlord.

7. What does a real estate agent or landlord need to fill a tenancy contract?

All tenants must provide a security deposit, a passport copy, post-dated cheques for rent, and a residential visa to obtain a lease.

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